Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brewery - The One and Only

Brewery - The One and Only

Location: Istiglaliyyat 27
Date: 10.05.2012
Time: 19:51
Price Range: 3 – 30 AZN

Brewery's location is on Istiglaliyyet str. 27. Very close to the city center, and just across the Ichery Sheher metro station. Even though Brewery's history in Baku is not a new one,

Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Beh-Beh Club - National Again

New Beh-Beh Club - National Again

Date: 14.05.2012
Time: 19.45
Location: Terlan Aliyerbeyov str. 9
Price Range: 3 AZN - 50 AZN

You may begin seeing the increase of tourists in Baku. And the good thing about the tourist is that you will recognize them. The good thing about being a tourist is that you are enjoying your holiday - so you might as well relax. Considering the increase of the tourists in Baku we have decided to

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mado - Another Breakfast Place

Mado - Another Breakfast Place

Place: Mado
Date: 03.05.2012
Time: 12.45
Price Range: 2 AZN - 50 AZN

On our previous posts, we have covered Mado with their ice-cream and dessert servicing. It must be noted that these both posts are going to be different.

Mado is relatively a new place in Baku, however

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mado - Turkish One

Mado - Turkish One

Place: Mado
Location: Merdanov Qardaslari str. 3, (Nearby Russian Theatre of Drama)
Date: 28.04.2012
Price Range: 2 AZN - 50 AZN

We have reached the spring season since Novruz Holiday (21st of March) and we are on our way to summer. People are on their way to prepare themselves to summer by; diets, summer workouts, tattoos etc. This tendency will keep people busy until

Monday, May 7, 2012

Cafe Arabesque - or something oriental

Cafe Arabesque - or something oriental

Place: Cafe Arabesque
Location: Yusif Məmmədəliyev 19, AZ1000 Baku, Azerbaijan
Price Range: 20 AZN - 100 AZN

An idea which has started from 16th century is now the popular in most of the world as an eastern kind of tobacco consumption. Many of the ideas which we are using today are the ideas which has been came up with couple of hundred years ago. Nargile/hookah/waterpipe or qelyan (in Azeri) is the idea which we are have written about. In Azerbaijan there are many places where they offer qelyan - and there are also many places which are professional in offering this special instrument for consuming tobacco. The main important difference between qelyan and tobacco smoking is

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The view from 17th floor...

The view from 17th floor

Place: ISR Plaza - 17th Floor
Date: 23.04.2012
Price Range: 3 AZN - 40 AZN

The day we have decided to visit the cafe on 17th floor of ISR Plaza, the date was 23rd of April 2012. This day is significant for Coca-Cola lovers, people who are interested in space and for children. Because on 1985, Coca-Cola decides to change its formula and releases